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Some Gaga stans are really sweet and do their best to be nice to everyone. They revel in Gaga’s performance and appearances, and don’t necessarily pay attention to other performers. 

Some Gaga stans like to talk shit about basic bitch pop stars that rip off Gaga or are just genuinely horrible (and here’s a little secret… when they shade your fave, it’s to be funny, they really don’t give a shit. At all). 

And many are somewhere in the middle, criticizing other artists when it’s fair to do so, but for the most part being calm and reasonable. 

When you hear all these different things said from Gaga stans, that when put side by side seem contradictory, they’re not actually coming from the same people.

The Little Monster saying “Bullying is for losers” isn’t the same Gaga fan that made a post calling Katy a cunt-wagon. 

So you see, Madonna and Nicki stans who invade the #Lady Gaga tag, if you want to call out an individual for hypocritical behavior, be my guest. Go to their ask box, or reblog their post and call them out. Tell them their a hypocritical idiot.

But you can’t refer to the entertainment industries largest fanbase (a.k.a. us, not you) as collectively hypocritical. Because I don’t speak for anyone besides myself, and no one speaks for me.

Do you get it now?


REBLOG then go to your blog and click the egg to see what hatches


hun -

last time i checked, 5 grammys >0 grammys


It doesnt matter if you hate me,im on the right track! i’ve Flop this way baby :-D

The awkward moment someone with “xtina” in their URL calls Gaga a flop. 


Adele > Nicki Minaj > Lady Gaga > Beyonce > Katy Perry

The end.

Lady Gaga > everyone else

The end.